Nordic Shore Power company going big in the Mediterranean

by Oct 14, 2022

The port of Barcelona and the Danish engineering firm PowerCon have launched the first phase of their joint pilot to supply electricity to container ships at the BEST terminal operated by Hutchinson Ports. According to port authority sources, a first working meeting between its managers and representatives of the winning company will lay the groundwork for the actual project implementation which will begin in six months. The project named the “Nexigen project” is an ambitious plan laid out by the Port of Barcelona to become the pioneering port in Spain for maritime de-carbonization. The port is expecting to invest EUR 110 million in port electrification activities do become carbon neutral by 2050 with most of the funds being allocated to the shore to ship power systems itself and the grid expansion which the port would need to perform. This is the first contract won by PowerCon for the Port of Barcelona and this gives the company an advantage over its competitors as it has the potential to grab sizeable market share in Spain – a hotbed for shore power activity in the near future due to its high cruise and container traffic. This project which is the phase zero of the Nexigen project will cost around EUR 5 million that will see PowerCon supply a HV system. The project deadlines are as follows:
• three months for the drafting of the pilot
• one year for the work from the technical approval of the project and the maintenance
• connection and disconnection service for two years, with the possibility of extending it up to a maximum of five
The acquisition of renewable energy and the rate of the electricity itself will be handled by the port authority itself. According to PTR, the project in Barcelona has opened up the Spanish market to PowerCon and as the national shore power plan for Spain picks wind there will be a lot of potential for PowerCon to capitalize the expertise it will gain from this particular project.

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