Mitsubishi Power offers standardised large-scale hydrogen solutions to enable low carbon grids.

by Sep 2, 2020

Mitsubishi Power has launched a simplified approach to commercially integrating hydrogen into energy systems either as long or short duration energy storage, with its two green hydrogen solutions, Hydaptive and Hystore. The company has been selected as system integrator for green hydrogen for the 600MW Danskammer Energy Center power plant in New York; for the 1,600MW Chickahominy Power Project in Virginia and for Harrison Power Project, a 1,084MW power plant in Ohio. Initially, a combination of hydrogen electrolysis and storage with natural gas turbines, as well as with renewable energy and other energy storage technologies might be used, but it is anticipated to be able to run 100% on green hydrogen in the future. These solutions can cater to instantaneous balancing of grid power and time-shifting of renewables, even over months. Link to the news: