Mingyang Longyuan Power Electronics Co., LTD inaugurates new factory expanding their SVG’s annual production capacity

by Oct 9, 2020

Mingyang Longyuan Power Electronics Co., LTD is second largest supplier of SVG/STATCOM in China for utility and solar applications after Taikai Power Electronics Co. Ltd. Recently, they have inaugurated new plant for the development of SVGs. Upon interviewing the company representative, PTR found out that this new plant will double their annual production. Mingyang Longyuan Power Electronics already has an installed base of more than 300 SVGs across China deployed in wind and solar applications. Opening a new plant is an indication of increasing demand of SVGs. Local players are making sure that they keep up with the demand and do not lose any market share. Link to the news: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/monica-lee-9b563678_svg-powerquality-reactivepowercompensation-activity-6720251904775086080-M3X-