Merus Power enters the US FACTS market with an order of two STATCOMs

by Jan 14, 2022

Merus Power is a Finland based manufacturer of power quality solutions. Having a product line of MV FACTS solutions, they have a strong presence in steel and mining sectors of EMEA. In beginning of the year, Merus has reported bagging of two STATCOM orders from an Indiana based rolling mill to deal with the disturbances caused by industry processes of the mill.
Through this order, Merus Power has penetrated a very competitive market of FACTS where all key OEMs (local and international) have been present for decades. In the recent years, we have seen several Chinese and Korean suppliers such as RHXK, HICO and NR-Electric entering the North American market. But when we specifically talk about the US, Asian especially Chinese products are not found very desirable. Therefore, HICO has set up its own transformer plant in Memphis. Having European origin, Merus Power has an edge over these new competitors which has enabled them to enter the US market. The order is expected to be delivered by Q3 of year 2022.

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