LG Chem announces supplying batteries for world’s largest operational battery storage project.

by Jun 17, 2021

Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility, the world’s largest battery energy storage system (BESS) with 300MW / 1,200MWh of lithium-ion batteries, began operations last December. It was located at the site of a former natural gas power plant owned by Vistra Energy and is being primarily used for helping California manage its electricity at peak times, charging from solar PV energy during the day and discharging it when required by the grid.
Previously, the battery supplier of the project was not made public. However, recently LG Energy Solution announced itself as the supplier of the recently commissioned record-breaking project, having supplied more than 4,500 battery racks to Vistra for the project, based on its latest model, the TR1300 Transportable Rack. LG said the TR1300 racks were factory pre-assembled prior to shipping, which reduced construction time and installation costs. The racks were also tested before shipment to minimize the amount of onsite testing and commissioning work required.
Second phase of the project is also due, which will add another 100MW / 400MWh by end of 2021, with extra racks also provided by LG Chem and there are future considerations of expansion to 1,500MW / 6,000MWh, if economically viable to the company. If the expansion comes to fruition, this will be a major milestone for LG Chem. Moreover, Vistra Energy is also developing plans for another project in California’s Morrow Bay rated at 600MW, twice the current size of Moss Landing project. These rapid deployment of projects is part of Vistra’s plans to achieving full net zero carbon emissions by 2050, in addition to retiring 7,500MW of coal generation and deploying around 9GW of renewables by 2030. Link to the news: https://www.energy-storage.news/news/manufacturer-reveals-involvement-in-worlds-biggest-battery-energy-storage-s