Large capacity batteries listed among the four priority items for securing America’s critical supply chains in Executive Order by Biden.

by Feb 24, 2021

With the US having rejoined the Paris Accord on the climate crisis, President Biden has now signed an Executive Order to help create more resilient and secure supply chains for critical and essential goods. This was a result of the strain because of the shortages of essential products felt by the workers, companies, and households in the recent years. The Executive Order launches a comprehensive review of U.S. supply chains and directs federal Departments and Agencies to identify ways to secure U.S. supply chains against a wide range of risks and vulnerabilities. There were four immediate priority items identified, among which was large capacity batteries, such as those used in electric vehicles. The aim of it was so that U.S. can better leverage their sizeable lithium reserves and manufacturing know-how to expand domestic battery production. Besides Tesla’s Nevada Gigafactory, the US meanwhile has only a couple of large battery factories being built, mostly by overseas businesses, unlike Europe. This Executive order will potentially decrease US’s reliance on Asia for batteries, pacing local establishments, and help US move towards establishing themselves as a leader in the supply chain associated with electric battery production, which they currently are not. Link to the news: