Kita solar power plant becomes the largest operational solar plant in West Africa

by Nov 24, 2020

Akou Group’s Kita Solar plant which started its operation in March has now become the largest operational solar power plant in West Africa. The plant now supplies clean energy to 120,000 Malian homes and also projects to have an estimated impact on reduction of CO2 emissions in the country by more than 52,000 t/year. It is also expected to reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuel and oil-fired power plants which are being increasingly used due to reduction in efficiency of Hydropower plants due to environmental impact on rainfall, which was earlier the major source of electricity production in the country (around 51%).
The project’s finances were handled by West African Development Bank, Banque National du Développement Agricole, Dutch development finance company FMO and Emergin African Infrastructure Fund ( investment fund managed by Ninety One).
This project is supposed to help Mali achieve its goal of acquiring 37% of renewables share in energy mix by 2030.
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