JSHP delivered 535 units of 110-525kV Power transformer worldwide.

by Dec 1, 2020

JSHP (JiangSu HuaPeng Transformer Co., Ltd.), one of the leading supplier of power and distribution transformers in China shipped 535 units of 110kV-525kV transformers world wide, 2100 units of 34.5kV wind/solar GSUs and 5508 units of 10-35kV distribution transformers by the end of October in 2020 despite Covid-19. Also in November, JSHP has been awarded contracts to design, manufacture, and supply 11 power transformers by different utilities and EPC contractors from USA. Size of these transformers ranges up to 230KV 330MVA, including two units of 230kV 240MVA FR3 GSUs to offshore wind farms installations. Earlier in June, JSHP delivered a 138kV 204MVA GSU in an impressive six (6 ) months lead time, including design reviewing, fabrication, testing , and the shipping to the site at Houston, USA to meet the summer peak eletricity usage by replacing another’s company failed transformer. As per an estimate, JSHP has about 25% market share of renewable GSU transformers in China. Also, on Dec 1st 2020, JSHP was given approval by relevant Chinese authority to add 5 new transformers to its existing product portfolio. Link to the news: http://jshp.com/News.html