Itaipu Transformadores partnership with Cargill BioIndustrial for ecological transformer line.

by Jan 7, 2022

The ecological transformer line launched by Itaipu Transformadores is designed to ensure environmental safety. This partnership with Cargill will help the company to take a step in the right direction as it switches to using FR3® natural ester fluid as the alternative insulation fluid to mineral oil in their transformers. Using Ester Oil reduces the risk associated with oil leakage causing contamination in nearby water bodies and eliminates the risk of fire from mineral oil. Because of these concerns, it is fast becoming the insulation fluid of choice for transformer manufacturers who are increasingly adopting sustainable practices in line with the policies and regulations.

In the Americas region, penetration of natural ester oil is higher making Cargill a key player in this market. The reverse is true for Europe where the synthetic ester oil is preferred and MIDEL is the top supplier. Itaipu Transformadores partnership with Cargill is a testament to this fact and we can expect other similar partnerships between transformer manufacturer in Americas and natural ester oil suppliers in the future.

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