Ionity now operates 300 fast charging stations in Europe

by Nov 13, 2020

Ionity officially announced that 300 of its charging stations are online now. The network is one of the largest for long-distance travel rough Europe, especially for non-Tesla CCS compatible EVs that cant use Tesla superchargers. The original plan was to install 400 stations by the end of 2020, which means that the goal is  75% complete. On the other hand, the number of 1,211 chargers (with output of up to 350 kW) is now at 50% of the goal of 2,400. For comparison, Tesla has more than 560 supercharging stations in Europe with significantly more chargers (several thousands), with power output of usually 150 kW (V2 versions) and up to 250 kW (V3 versions). Link to the news: