Invenergy announces largest solar project in the U.S

by Nov 24, 2020

Invenergy, a private global operator of green energy solutions, just recently announced the construction of a 1,310 MW solar generation facility in the U.S which, upon completion, will be the largest of its kind in the country. Named the Samson Solar Energy Centre and located in north-east Texas, the facility will have the capability to support the sustainability initiatives of five major consumer brands and supply power to three Texas municipalities.
Invenergy has for long been partnering with commercial and industrial renewable energy customers to help approximately 20 different corporate users across six U.S markets and Mexico to meet their clean energy goals and has contracted over 3500 MW of solar and wind capacity. The consumer brands and Texan municipalities associated with this project are:
• AT&T : 500 MW
• Honda : 200 MW
• McDonald’s: 160 MW
• Google: 100 MW
• The Home Depot: 50 MW
• City of Bryan, TX: 150 MW
• City of Denton, TX: 75MW
• City of Garland, TX: 25 MW
The estimated cost of Samson Solar is $1.6 billion and will be constructed in five phases over the next three years with each phase starting operation upon completion. The project is expected to be complete by 2023 and when fully operational it will produce enough energy to power 300,000 American homes.
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