Hydrogen under $2 in reach as Hysata develops revolutionary process

by Sep 12, 2022

Hysata, an Australian hydrogen technology company, has made a major breakthrough in the hydrogen industry by developing an ultra-high efficiency electrolyser to reach the commercialization milestone of producing hydrogen at a cheaper cost. In partnership with the University of Wollongong, a new capillary-fed electrolysis cell has been developed that can produce hydrogen from water at 95 % cell energy efficiency. This electrolyser system has been designed for the ease of manufacturing, scaling and installation, with an energy consumption of 40.4 kWh/kg hydrogen as compared to 47.5 kWh/kg in commercial electrolysis cells currently used. Existing electrolysers are about 75 % efficient, which means that 25 % of the energy put in is wasted whereas Hysata’s electrolyzer technology provides a 20 % increase over the incumbents which will be a game changer and will play a major role in bringing the cost of hydrogen below $2/kg. This giant leap will not only put the Australian-made electrolyzer’s productivity significantly ahead of other competing technologies but also elevate Hysata to the front of the global race to produce renewable hydrogen at scale. For hydrogen producers, this will significantly reduce both the capital and operational costs to produce green hydrogen. High energy efficiency, little wastage and less energy consumption requirements will have an amplifying effect as this technology would save hydrogen producers billions of dollars in electricity cost and enable green hydrogen to outcompete the fossil fuel derived hydrogen.

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