Honeywell announced the launch of its own Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Platform.

by Jun 23, 2021

Honeywell, better known for its automation technologies, announced the launch of its own Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Platform, which integrates and leverages Honeywell asset monitoring, distributed energy resource management, controls, and analytics to accurately forecast and optimize the overall energy use.
The company has also partnered with Alturus, a sustainable infrastructure solutions group, to expand the availability of energy storage- as-a-service offerings to the commercial and industrial (C&I) sector. Honeywell plans on delivering turnkey energy storage solutions at low upfront capital cost to its customers on a shared savings business model. The new BESS Platform is aimed at large C&I users, independent power producers (IPPs) and utilities, and is suited for energy arbitrage and demand management. While mostly involved in other technological domains, Honeywell started expanding its involvement and presence in the battery storage space since around 2019, when it began supplying turnkey battery storage solutions to projects in Ontario, Canada. Since then, it has also delivered multiple large behind-the-meter projects in the Canadian province that helped large industrial electricity users peak shave and save on electricity costs, supplying battery systems through another unit, Honeywell Process Solutions. The launch of its own exclusive BESS platform indicates Honeywell’s future plans of more active involvement in energy storage sector. Link to the news: