Honeywell and Freyr collaborate on Energy Storage System Solutions

by Feb 4, 2022

Honeywell and Freyr Batteries have signed a deal which links the two companies on both ends. From this deal, both companies hope to provide smart energy solutions for various front of the meter and back of the meter applications. Honeywell will provide Freyr with smart solutions that will help Freyr in the development of their technology. Freyr on the other hand will give Honeywell 19GW of its Li-Ion batteries as Honeywell is looking into the development of new Energy Storage Solutions.
It is interesting to see this move being pursued by Honeywell as Li-Ion is not the only battery technology that the company is investing in. In collaboration with Duke Energy, Honeywell has introduced a new flow battery which is currently in the testing stages at Duke Energy’s Mount Holly Innovation Center. If this test remains successful Honeywell will invest more in this technology.
Honeywell currently serves both front-of-the-meter and back-of-the-meter customers in its Energy Storage Solution portfolio and uses Li-Ion technologies for both, however, if the Flow Battery test is successful, it will become a solution for front-of-the-meter market as flow batteries are primarily for long duration storage. Li-ion will remain as the go to option for back-of-the-meter operations.

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