High power charging truck to charge Porsche Taycan marketing presentation

by Sep 17, 2020

Porsche is using a mobile charging system in the form of a truck trailer that allows ultra-rapid charging at Taycan presentations across the world. The truck can deliver energy at 320kWh which is enough to charge 30 Porsche Taycan, it will be interesting to see if such trucks can be used to charge EVs on highways and long distance routes where there is no current charging infrastructure available for EV charging or it can also be used to distribute load from the grids at peak hours of the day. Link to the news: https://powertechresearch.sharepoint.com/_layouts/OneNote.aspx?id=%2FSiteAssets%2FPTR_Notebook&wd=target%28Market%20Roundup.one%7C7A475C76-A0ED-4C46-AB5D-9E154475F5E8%2FEVSE%7C5B09D4BA-F946-4EEE-930A-3CBCD3F155B0%2F%29