Google to power Virginia data centers with 24/7 clean energy from AES.

by May 5, 2021

AES recently announced a 10-year agreement to be the sole supplier of energy to three Google data centers in Virginia, providing clean power around the clock through a 500-MW portfolio of resources. Through the partnership, AES will decarbonize Google’s load in Virginia. Google will procure energy from a US$600 million portfolio featuring a mix of renewable resources such as wind, solar, hydro and battery storage including AES’ own projects and third-party contracted sources, enabling data centres to be 90% carbon-free on an hourly basis. Google already has achieved the carbon neutral status as far back as 2007, and in 2020 set a goal to decarbonize its electricity supply and run 24/7 on clean energy by 2030 While it matched 100% of its global electricity consumption with renewables as of 2017, purchasing more than 7 billion kWh of electricity from solar and wind farms that were built specifically for Google alone, the company was directly using locally-sourced carbon-free energy about 61% of the time. Hence a shift to round-the-clock carbon-free energy is still a challenge the company has yet to meet. The agreement will start supply later in 2021 and is an important step in meeting Google’s goal by 2030. Link to the news: