Power Quality Meters which are compliant with IEC-61000-4 have a very niche market and not every utility and generation facility is interested to install these meters. But in the recent years, regulatory bodies in different countries have realized the importance of power quality in the grid and its impact on the economics of the country. This trend has had a varied impact on the Power Quality meters market lately across different regions on the globe. Below are some of the highlights from the year 2019:
Global Power Quality Meters Market-2019 Power Quality Meters Power Quality is one of the major concerns for utilities and generation facilities across the globe. Energy regulatory bodies have started taking measures to ensure better power quality in their country's grid. PTR has conducted extensive research on companies that provide PQ meters; their market share in different regions, the competitive advantages and their ability to comply with latest standards are researched to get a holistic understanding of the PQ meters market.


Rabail Saeed – Sales Lead, Quality Meters

Rafey Khan – Product Manager, Quality Meters

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