GE bags 5 major SVC projects in first half of 2019 globally

by Sep 10, 2019

When it comes to SVC, GE is not a market leader. But 2019 turned out to be an year of massive gains for GE’s grid solution division. GE was able to win 5 SVC projects for customers around the globe. In 2019, GE not only achieved commercial milestones but technological milestones as well. From commercial stand point, by winning an order in India, GE was able to penetrate a new market highly dominant by its competitors, Siemens being on top. GE delivered one of the largest SVC system in Brazil ever built by GE which indicates GE’s technological milestone. In Norway, Statnett has shown confidence in GE by awarding an order of one of largest SVC in its network. GE, being a leader in FSC market, has redistributed its focus on all FACTS technologies with the rapidly changing energy mix to earn its market share in SVC and STATCOM market as well. Link to the news: