Fujian-Guangdong Back-to-Back DC Transmission Project comes online.

by Oct 28, 2022

The Fujian-Guangdong back-to-back HVDC transmission project has started its commercial operations. The Fujian Guangdong HVDC is of great significance, which is connecting power grid of State Grid Corporation of China (SGC) and China Southern Power Grid Corporation (CSG) for the very first time, ensuring the safe and reliable supply of electricity and to help in achieving the carbon peaking and carbon neutralization targets. The project consists of two LCC HVDC converter stations with the rated capacity of 1000 MW and operating voltage of ±100kV in Mapu Township, Fujian Province. The designing and installation of these back-to-back LCC converter stations are performed by NR Electric. The completion and operation of this project has realized the interconnection between Fujian and Guangdong power grids and will be providing a mutual backup in emergency situations. In addition, it will improve the power supply capability of the power grid under extreme conditions. Plus, it has effectively improved the delivery capacity of clean energy in Fujian Province and will be promoting the green and low-carbon electric power generation developments in southern China.
It is NR Electric’s third HVDC project in China this year. In the last decade NR Electric has deployed 9 HVDC projects transmitting approximately 40,750 MW of electricity across China. Talking about the market competition in China, NR Electric face competition from European OEMs such as Hitachi Energy and Siemens Energy. Hitachi Energy has the strong presence in China with around 18 HVDC projects accounting for the transmission capacity of 103 GW, enabling the transmission of electricity from the renewable energy centers to major urban load centers across China. Meanwhile Siemens Energy has installed around 4 projects transmitting 29,400 MW of electricity. Other than European OEM, there are multiple Chinese OEMs that offer great deal of competition to NR Electric such as Xi’an XD Power Systems, RXPE and C-EPRI

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