Fluence joins TransnetBW to provide massive grid booster BESS to the German grid

by Oct 7, 2022

Fluence Energy GmbHb has partnered up with TransnetBW GmbH, the transmission system operator in the German state Baden W├╝rttemberg, to provide the state with a 250 MW grid booster battery energy storage system.
To be located at Kupferzell, the 250 MW/250 MWh BESS is set to be completed by 2025, the German grid has been working on Netzbooster projects for a few years now and this project falls under that category.
It’s main aim is to increase network utilization and delay required network reinforcement. This model has been seen in Germany where traditional grids are connected with energy storage systems as a lower cost solution compared to the standard upgrades and the installation of new transmission lines to cater to the losses incurred by the installed system.
The ideology behind the Netzbooster initiative was to issue a cost effective way to upgrade the current grid, and in turn reducing the burden those traditional upgrades have on the end consumer. Installing batteries to support the transmission system eases specific locality bottlenecks, and hence adds to grid stability.
The German energy transition has been one of the most aggressive and innovative transitions to be seen globally, and the grid booster project, one of the premier attempts at the introduction of BESS to aid the transmission system, now has the back of a major energy storage market player involved i.e Fluence. They plan to work on further grid booster projects as the managing director of Fluence stated that they plan to serve as a long term partner to German, and other global TSOs to aid global energy transitions.

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