Finland looking for investors after unveiling National Battery Strategy to develop manufacturing.

by Jan 27, 2021

The National Battery Strategy 2025 was unveiled on Tuesday 26 January by Finland, and outlines seven objectives to develop the country’s battery sector, which includes targeting growth and renewal of Finland’s existing battery and electrification cluster, further investment, promoting industry competition, raising awareness of the strategy globally, responsible raw material sourcing, defining key roles in the sector’s value chain, and exploring circular economic solutions and advancing digital innovation in the space. The Finnish strategy’s launch coincided with a broader move to fast-track growth in Europe’s energy storage market aound the same time. The European Commission gave the green light to a €2.9 billion (US$3.5 billion) investment for 46 development projects in 12 member states. The projects will focus on four core areas of battery storage manufacture: the mining of raw materials, battery cell design, battery systems and recycling in the supply chain. The strategy along with the EU investment may see new developments in Finland’s battery storage market. Link to the news: