Fastned starts operation in Belgium

by Nov 1, 2020

Fastned started its operation in Netherlands in 2012, since then it has expanded to UK, Germany and now Belgium as well. Fastned’s main focus is on installation of fast public chargers in their own stations with multiple chargers installed. Currently Fastned has 120 stations in Europe with almost 600 chargers, out of which 75% of chargers are in Netherlands. But the recent expansion of Fastned into new markets of Europe in the last two years and its plans to enter more markets, such as Switzerland, it will be the only other charge point operator focusing on fast charging stations in Europe. The first station in Belgium is located close to international airport of Ostend-Bruges, with 4 CSS (up to 300 kW) chargers and 2 CHAdeMO (50 kW) chargers. Link to the news: