EWE Pledges to become climate-neutral by 2035

by Dec 7, 2020

One of Germany’s largest utility company EWE AG has announced its plan to become climate-neutral by 2035. The company will be spending Euros 7bn ($8.5bn) to make the transition. To achieve the target the company will shut down all of its coal-fired power plants, following government’s plan of shutting down all coal-fired power plants in the country by 2038. Most of the investment will be spent on the expansion of energy networks and on increasing clean energy sources such as onshore wind farms and hydrogen solutions for industry. The company plans to invest euro 1 bn on digitalization of its various electrical infrastructure. Around 95 pc of EWE’s energy is generated through renewable sources like solar and wind farms. The company said that “We are offering our customers a steadily growing number of green products to also make it easier for them to take the step towards climate neutrality”.
As the leading country in the world in renewable energy sector Germany’s utility companies are unleashing their plans to support the government’s plan of becoming climate-neutral, as other utilities RWE and Uniper have also announced their initiatives to become carbon neutral by 2040 and 2035 respectively.
Link to the news: https://www.reuters.com/article/ewe-carbon-idUSKBN28H0ZP