EU seeks competitive edge with green battery standards.

by Dec 21, 2020

The EU Commission is introducing new regulations in an attempt to create a more greener and sustainable battery market by forcing manufacturers to use recycled materials and cut down their emissions. From 2024, electric car and industrial battery manufacturers will have to declare the battery’s carbon footprint and, from 2027, comply with an emissions limit. From 2027, there will also be an obligation to disclose the content of recycled raw materials, followed by requirements to use a minimum share of recycled cobalt, lithium, nickel and lead from 2030. It is hoped that the regulatory framework will give the EU’s battery production a competitive edge in its green manufacturing and reduction of footprint. To encourage battery recycling, the Commission also proposes targets for EU countries to collect 65 percent of portable batteries by 2025 and 70 percent by 2030, up from the EU’s current target to collect 45 percent of portable batteries. However, there are concerns however that the proposals will add complexity and lead to over-regulation. PTR believes that while it may lead to EU being a step closer to its climate goals, however, it may initially create hurdles for the manufacturers in terms of paperwork and ensuring compliance. Link to the news: