Eos signs agreement for >1GWh of projects with developer Hecate Energy.

by Nov 6, 2020

Zinc battery manufacturer Eos Energy Storage has signed an agreement to provide over 1 GWh of energy storage projects at an estimated value of more than $250 million to developer Hecate Energy. Eos will design, manufacture, and deliver its zinc-based battery solutions to Hecate over the course of the next 24 months across Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. The projects are a mix of standalone battery storage and storage paired with solar PV for renewable energy capacity. Eos is one of a number of market participants looking to commercialize a novel battery technology centred around a zinc chemistry in competition or complement to lithium-ion and other energy storage, claiming it to be a low-cost, medium to long-duration energy storage with minimal degradation of battery cells. PTR finds it too early to comment as to whether the batteries will provide any true competition to Li-ion batteries. Link to the news: https://eosenergystorage.com/eos-energy-storage-and-global-renewable-developer-hecate-energy-to-deliver-over-1-gwh-of-energy-storage-projects-across-the-united-states-over-the-next-two-years/