Engie Chile wins 1.5GW of hybrid renewables and battery development rights.

by Jul 5, 2021

Engie Energia Chile SA, part of French utility group Engie SA, has been awarded rights to develop two hybrid projects in Chile that will combine solar, wind and battery storage and have a cumulative capacity of 1.5GW. The rights were secured after a competitive bidding process which included several Chilean and international companies. The construction will be in the northern Antofagasta region, which was secured by the company through a public tender process carried out by Chile’s ministry of national assets. As part of 40-year concessions, Engie Chile plans on developing at least 920MW of renewables capacity at Pampa Fidelia site as well as more than 532MW at the Pampa Yolanda location. The installation would happen in phases and will help the company come closer to the goal to build 2,000 MW of renewables before 2025. This target is double the previous target by the company of 1 GW renewable energy set for the year 2025. The company plans to close all its coal-based power operations in Chile by 2025, having already closed down two facilities in 2019, and is committed to the company’s complete shift to renewables and green hydrogen. Chile has also been making rigorous efforts to phase out coal, and its clean energy mandate target of 60% by 2035 has enabled the country to be at the top of BloombergNEF’s 2020 most recent Climatescope ranking, which is the organization’s annual market ranking of the energy transition in developing countries.

Link to the news: https://www.energy-storage.news/news/engie-chile-wins-1.5gw-of-hybrid-wind-solar-storage-development-rights