Energy Vault to supply 250MW gravity battery to the Australian Grid.

by Oct 28, 2022

Switzerland based energy storage manufacturer Energy Vault has been awarded a 250MW battery project in Australia. The Meadow Creek Solar farm energy storage project is a 250MW/500MWh storage project that is to be installed with the solar farm in Victoria, Australia. The project is set to have grid connection and will hence become integrated with the local grid for the state of Victoria.

The energy storage system to be installed will use Energy Vault’s signature gravity batteries. The gravity battery concept has been an interesting prospect in recent times and offers a much needed solution to the long duration battery storage industry. Contrary to Li-ion and flow batteries, the gravity battery uses the essential mechanics that hydropower uses. Power generated from renewable resources is used to power a system which mechanically suspends a heavy weight in a purpose built shaft. The weight is kept risen till the stored energy is required, at which point the weight used gravity to lower itself, moving the system that was used to suspend it, and in turn, the system harvests the energy generated by the moving object to generate energy and supply it to the grid. The time taken for the weight to come down the shaft defines the duration of its storage as it gives a constant supply during its motion, enabling the system to provide long duration energy storage.

This project is one of the first large scale applications of this technology on a consumer level. It will offer flexibility to the solar plant at Meadow Creek and to the connected grid. Initial feasibility studies on this project are being carried out by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and Energy Vault before construction is started.
This project will be interesting to track as this technology offers great promise to the stationary storage industry, especially for large scale applications as it is a derivative of a well proven energy storage technique and doesn’t require the amount of infrastructure generally required for hydro-power plants.

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