Energy Storage Association (ESA) outlines a vision for 100 GW of energy storage in the US by 2030.

by Aug 24, 2020

The US Energy Storage Association (ESA) has released a white paper, where it extrapolated upon its 2017 vision document, outlining its vision for the deployment of 100 GW of new storage facilities across the US by 2030. The paper, entitled “100×30: Enabling the Clean Power Transformation” highlights upon a combination of strengthened policy support, such as an investment tax credit for stand-alone storage, as well as the continuation of emerging policies that remove barriers to market participation to meet upon this goal by 2030. PTR feels that this is a significant step up from its 2017 vision where it announced 34 GW by 2025. Link to the news:×30-Empowering-Clean-Power-Transformation-ESA-Vision.pdf