Endesa announced partnership with Cepsa to develop high power charging network in Spa

by Dec 31, 2021

Spanish utility Endesa’s e-mobility business division Endesa X along with Spanish petroleum company Cepsa announced partnership to deploy high power charging network in Spain and Portugal. Cepsa will install high power chargers of 150KW along the main corridor points and main roads in Spain and Portugal continuing on the network of 75 fast charge points already deployed by Endesa X on 25 different locations. The new network will allow users to recharge 80% of their electric cars’ battery in around 10 minutes. Each companies’ customers will be able to use both companies’ public chargers through their respective digital platforms. Further details about the supplier and exact locations of charger installations have not been revealed yet.
This news comes at an important time when already there is a lot of discussion around the uneven distribution of charging infrastructure in European Union, as 70% of the public charging infrastructure is present in just 3 countries, all Western European (Netherlands, France, Germany). To achieve greater EU-wide electrification targets, it is necessary for the other regions and countries to play their part in countering the lack of charging infrastructure and this step by Spain’s utility and petroleum companies will definitely give the much needed drive in the region to further the electrification plans and charger deployment. Government targets play the biggest role in furthering the charging infrastructure and with recent proposal for a ministerial decree published by the Spanish Ministry of the Environment in which more than 1,000 large petrol stations will have to offer at least one fast-charging point for electric vehicles from 2023 this will help furthering the charging infrastructure in the country.

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