EFACEC supplies technology for its first digital substation in Latin America for ENEL Peru

by Mar 24, 2021

Efacec has installed its first fully digital, distributed automation system called CLP 500SAS in Latin America under an Automation, Protection and Control contract with ENEL Peru. The 220/66 kV digital substation project is part of the growing need for electricity in the Medio Mundo region and allows to meet the contingencies of the lines between the Huacho, Supe and Paramonga Nueva substations. Its operation will improve the quality of life in around 100,000 houses in Norte Chico de Lima, as well as contribute to the progress of the region and the development of the sector. Link to the news: https://www.efacec.pt/primeira-subestacao-digital-com-tecnologia-efacec-instalada-na-america-latina/