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Using our understanding of distribution networks in various countries around the world, our coverage aims to provide value for our customers through market sizing and analysis of distribution equipment spanning both primary and secondary distribution.

Distribution Transformers

Distribution transformers are the heart of distribution networks. Their efficiency and smooth functioning is crucial for utilities in this day and age to maintain their up times and provide best service to their customers and prosumers. Power Technology Research (PTR) sizes the market of distribution transformers by analyzing individual countries for new additions, expansions and replacement of transformers. We start by analyzing the key DSOs having the majority of the market share and use that information to model the remaining country. With this approach, we are able to analyze the behaviors of the biggest buyers in the market, and can identify these opportunities much more precisely for our clients.

MV Switchgear

Medium voltage switchgear is the backbone of distribution network making it safe and cost efficient. Power Technology Research provides a comprehensive research on this topic to our clients covering both utility and industrial markets. In both cases, the protection levels applied in the distribution networks of the country is considered, which in turn dictates the amount and type of MV switchgear being installed. What makes our research unique is the depth PTR analyzes the market, going one step further than the cabinet level, analyzing the components within the cabinet and the technology trends. This makes the analysis useful for stakeholders in the entire value chain from component manufacturers to panel builders and system integrators. Wherever you are in the value chain, PTR can provide research, tailored to fit your business model, so you can easily identify and compare opportunities leading to a stronger business development strategy.

Power Quality Coverage

Power Technology Research captures the market of FACTS devices through project based research in utilities as well as industrial applications. PTR gathers basic project information along with its technical specifications including swing range, voltage, type of converter and transformer technology. Historical projects data enables you to look at technology trends and on the other hand future projects provide a comprehensive picture of changing grid dynamics. This coverage also includes power quality equipment like reactors and filters.

Smart Meters

The aim of this service is to provide a detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis of electricity meters market including smart electricity meters around the world. The service includes region specific information (with an option of country specific analysis) including install base, replacements market, and new additions on a yearly basis with historic data from 2010 and forecast up till 2025. The service also provides a detailed analysis of the business practices and equipment standards prevalent in the regions for electricity meters and estimated market shares of key suppliers.