Delayed shore power project in Italy finally has a supplier

by Oct 28, 2022

The Western Ligurian Sea Port System Authority has awarded the tender for the design and construction of a shore to ship power system at the Port of Savona’s Cost cruise terminal, more than a year after it was announced. The tender which was floated in 2021 has been won by a consortium of companies led by Nidec ASI which will provide the system has a design phase comprising of 120 days and the implementation or construction phase of a further 1 year from the announcement.
About EUR 9 million of funding has been channeled into this project which is part of a greater transformation planned for the Western Ligurian Sea Port System Authority to become more environmental friendly and to increase its competitiveness by expanding port services and upgrading existing infrastructure. This particular port authority which is the largest port system in Italy in terms of cargo volumes, passenger volumes and economic value operates the following ports:
1. Genoa
2. Savona
3. Pra
4. Vado Ligure
The European Investment Bank is financing this project by lending EUR 300 million to the port authority as part of Italy’s recovery and resilience package which will see the building of facilities in all the ports mentioned above and the adoption of shore to ship power as well so that the port can meet its decarbonization targets. This financing brings the total EIB support for Italian ports to over €1 billion which makes the EIB a leading financier of the Italian port authority, backing a strategic sector for Italian and European connectivity and economic development. A similar project at the Port of Genoa is also in the works which will see the installation of shore to ship system for ferries. The funds coming from EIB have proven to be essential for undertaking large scale projects in Italy and it’s safe to say more similar projects will be put into action under the recovery and resilience package as many Italian ports are in need of a major infrastructure overhaul in the coming years.

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