Construction begins on $854M power line upgrade.

by Mar 1, 2021

Construction has begun on an $854 M energy transmission upgrade along a 150 km 345 kV line in the Mohawk Valley and Capital Region.The project, which would extend from the town of Marcy in Oneida County, N.Y., to the town of New Scotland in Albany County, N.Y., involves removing existing transmission lines and installing new lines within roughly 93 miles of existing transmission, building two new substations and upgrading other substations. Along parts of the route, 230-kV transmission lines will be removed and replaced with 345-kV lines. The project has ties to the commission’s 2015 determination of policy need to build new 345-kV electric transmission facilities running west to east and north to south, allowing for more transmission capacity to move power downstate.
The grid operator in April 2019 selected two projects that together would add at least 1,250 MW of capacity to the state’s grid and relieve congestion. One of those projects, the Marcy-to-New Scotland Upgrade Project, is intended to increase transfer capability from central to eastern New York by at least 350 MW. The other, which involves the construction of new double-circuit 345-kV/115-kV lines, would increase transfer capability from the Albany, N.Y., region through the Hudson Valley region by at least 900 MW.
The work is also part of the state’s plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 85 % from 1990 levels by 2050, and to meet a goal to deliver 40 % of the benefits of clean energy investments to disadvantaged communities. The state says it will also help it reach its 2025 target of reducing on-site energy consumption by 185 trillion BTUs and create hundreds of clean energy construction jobs.
The Marcy-to-New Scotland Upgrade Project has a targeted in-service date in late 2023.
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