Con Edison and Centrica plan to deploy battery storage alongside EV chargers at a site in New York.

by Jun 23, 2021

Utility company Con Edison has awarded a contract to deploy a 5MW / 15MWh battery energy storage system alongside a charging hub in New York to Centrica Business Solutions, the energy solutions subsidiary of UK-headquartered energy holding company Centrica. The hub will host 18 fast-DC EV chargers for public use, each capable of providing up to 350kW of power. Centrica Business Solutions will design, build, own and operate the battery storage system and the car chargers, making land lease payments to Con Edison, which owns the parking lot land. Initially an extra substation was planned by the utility before forecasting that the area’s energy needs does not necessitate the grid infrastructure buildout, indicating that at times stationary storage can be easily deployed and provide a cost-competitive alternative to grid infrastructure upgrades. The project is scheduled to have the battery storage and chargers installed by summer 2022 and the storage system is expected to be used at the site till 2035. This is a demonstration project for Con Edison to support the growing demand vi fast-charging infrastructure for EVs and will be the first in New York City that combines energy storage and electric vehicle charging. The battery will be charged up overnight when the electricity is cheap and then be utilized during the peak hours. This project was inline with New York’s emission reduction policy, where the state is also investing US$1 billion into zero emission transport over the next five years. Moreover, the policy includes reaching 50% carbon-free electricity by 2030 and targeting 3GW of energy storage deployments by 2030.

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