Clean Truck Strategy Colorado – ICE going Electric by 2050

by Apr 1, 2022

Since the introduction of the Advanced Clean Truck act by California, the U.S. has extensively accelerated its transition towards the integration of electric vehicles within its fleets. Since joining office, the Biden Administration has continued to place emphasize on the need for the world to tackle issues of climate degradation and environmental hazards, and has placed multiple incentives, subsidies, and policies to promote the adoption of electric vehicles.
Since then, a number of states have begun adopting electrification strategies and policies. Colorado has recently released its clean vehicle strategy that calls for the replacement of ICE commercial vehicles with electric counterparts by 2050. The plan states an overall goal of removing all ICE vehicles with GVWRs more than 8,500 pounds from Colorado by 2050, and replacing them with zero-emission electric vehicles, including fuel cell vehicles. The list of vehicles to electrified also include full-size pickups, mini buses, minivans, and step and utility vans apart from buses and trucks.
However, the state has expressed its concern regarding the unavailability of electric models for some vehicle segments, believing that some sectors may not see viable vehicle alternatives until the end of the decade or longer.
The plan itself contains the following initiatives – the plan calls for increasing the adoption of medium- and heavy duty ZEVs to at least 30% of new sales by 2030, and 100% by 2050, with the disposal of the oldest and most polluting vehicles and purchase of replacement vehicles with 2017 or newer emissions technology. The plan also states that the initial initiatives will start with the replacement of at least 500 of the oldest vehicles on the road by 2027. Under the strategy, all state vehicles would be replaced by zero-emission vehicles by 2040. Public transit fleets would convert to 100% zero emissions by 2050, with an interim target of at least 1,000 transit vehicles by 2030. School bus electrification will lead the transition towards electrification, with the adoption of 2,000 electric school buses by 2027, and 100% zero-emission buses by 2035.

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