awarded £6.4m for on-street charging in the UK

by Jul 1, 2021

Zouk Capital which is is a private equity and infrastructure fund manager investing in the sustainable economy has announced a £6.4m investment into, an on-street EV charge point operator and eMSP (eMobility Service Provider), which is rolling out on-street residential electric vehicle charging points in the UK. After analyzing all 27 million households in Great Britain to understand whether they can or cannot park and charge an electric vehicle off street at home. Through this research, we determined that a staggering 24.6% of households don’t have access to off street parking. That’s 6,642,000 households that will need to need rely on our public charging network. According to ZapMap, we have almost 17,000 public chargers, and only 4,453 are on-street. Without even considering their location, this works out to be roughly 1 on street charger for every 1492 households without parking. On street charging provisions need to be increased dramatically to support those that are unable to charge overnight at home and allow them to do their jobs. Zouk Capital is the manager of the UK Government’s Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF), established in 2019. The fund aims to help develop public charging infrastructure points for electric cars throughout the UK. Up till now the fund has already exceeded its original target of £400m while a final close is expected later this year. already operates almost 1,000 EV chargers across the UK having worked with numerous councils including Southwark, Coventry, Merton, Buckinghamshire, Redbridge, Harrow, Haringey and Brent. Driving an electric vehicle without off-street parking is still a real challenge for those looking to make the shift to EVs and aim is to envisage a world where every lamppost is also a charge point. And they plan on rolling out to all corners of the UK and tackle new markets abroad. Link to the news: