C-EPRI has successfully put 2 sets of FACTS into operation in Inner Mongolia for renewable energy integration

by Jan 25, 2021

Under UHV transmission project “Five Stations and Five Lines” to transmit the wind power of Xilinguole to North China, C-EPRI has recently supplied STATCOMs for two 500kV substations. The effort is part of delivering clean energy to Inner Mongolia through a stable power grid. STATCOMs are deployed widely in China to ensure stable renewable energy integration. The STATCOMs are installed at Xilinhot Blue Qi and White Qi substations in East Inner Mongolia. The swing range of each system is ±60Mvar. Link to the news: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/c-epri-electric-power-engineering-co-ltd_facts-svg-cleanenergy-activity-6760176472146628608-QTjb