BYD North America govt. funding for bus fleet electrification stopped

by Jul 14, 2021

BYD North America is one of the two major players in the transportation industry present within the United States, the other being California-based Proterra Inc. With President Biden’s call for fleet electrification throughout the country in motion, BYD North America faces the predicament of state funding, due to the govt. linking the American subsidiary to its Chinese parent company, due to which it is exempted from receiving state funding for its electrification projects. BYD North America currently receives no funding from BYD China, and locking the subsidiary out of the potential billions of dollars scheduled to flow out of Washington will most likely halt Biden’s green transportation initiative. The 2019 clause in the National Defense Authorization Act targeted state-owned and state-controlled enterprises – after a 2019 report that detailed BYD receiving benefits from Chinese state-owned investment funds, the Act was quick to push BYD North America into the list of enterprises exempted from receiving US state funding for projects. This initiative is not only a blow for Biden’s green fleet program, but also for green economy unions within America, which could potentially displace close to 500 workers currently working within BYD North America. Link to the news: