AutoGrid is forming partnerships to expand DER services.

by Jul 1, 2022

AutoGrid, an American software company, is a market leader in AI-powered grid flexibility management services such as distributed energy resources management (DERM), advanced distribution management systems (ADMS), and virtual power plant (VPP) services. Autogrid recently announced plans to expand their DER service portfolio by partnering with WILLDAN to accelerate the adoption of heat pumps to minimize greenhouse gas emissions in buildings by replacing emissions-intensive, gas-fired water heaters. This collaboration will leverage AutoGrid’s VPP and DERM services, enabling electric utilities to manage their various energy resources optimally. This collaboration will serve the CASIO electric grid. The DERM services, when integrated with other resources managed by AutoGrid’s AI powered grid services including VPP platform and ADMS will strengthen the grid and help to limit the probability of blackouts during of peak energy demand scenarios. AutoGrid holds a substantial presence in AI powered grid solutions in North American and European markets. In 2019, Schneider Electric acquired stake in AutoGrid to leverage the grid solutions by AI. The acquisition boosts the market activity for both of the firms, making them the top suppliers of DERM services in European electric utility sector catering the generation of more than 5 GW. The major utilities operating on AutoGrid DERM solution includes Xcel Energy, National Grid, CPS Energy, CLP Holdings, Florida Power & Light (FPL), and City of Palo Alto Utilities. When it comes to the major market players, GE Digital, ABB, Schneider Electric, Siemens, and Generac Grid Services all have a significant presence in the European and North American DER markets, catering to GWs of distributed generation units, primarily rooftop and big utility size solar power units. The EU Directive 2019/944 Article 32, that mandates the use of flexibility services by DSOs, stimulating further growth in the European DERMS market. The transition from conventional energy resources to renewable energy in order to replace fossil fuels is gaining traction as more governments define their carbon neutrality targets. In this line, distributed generation resources such as wind turbine and solar farms are becoming ubiquitous. In coming years, the rollout of renewables in Europe and the USA, notably in offshore wind turbines, will increase demand for DERM solutions by electric utilities and energy providers to better manage intermittent energy sources and operate the grid more efficiently.

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