Australia to replace coal plant with a 350 MW utility-scale battery.

by Mar 11, 2021

EnergyAustralia has announced that it will build a 350MW, four-hour standalone battery energy storage system (BESS) project that will enable the retirement of Yallourn coal power station, pulling back the scheduled retirement from 2032 to mid-2028. The 1450 MW facility has been in operation in its current state since 1974, and is fueled by Australia’s largest open cut mine, meeting around 22% of the state of Victoria’s electricity demand and around 8% of the Australian National Electricity Market’s demand. The 350MW / 1,400MWh utility-scale battery project, to be built by 2026 ahead of the Yallourn plant’s closing down, will help ensure reliable electricity supply continues while allowing growing shares of renewable energy to be deployed and used effectively. EnergyAustralia said that its retirement would lower the company’s carbon dioxide emissions by more than 60% relative to today’s figures once it retires in mid-2028. Furthermore, it will also help the company in achieving the carbon neutrality it is targeting by 2050. Link to the news: