ASTOR to deliver 49 power transformers to Turkish TSO

by Jan 4, 2021

ASTOR has been commissioned by the government-owned Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TE?A?) to deliver 49 power transformers. As a result of the tender held by the TE?A?, ASTOR has been contracted in December 2020 to deliver 28 154/33.6 kV 50/62.5 MVA units and 21 154/33.6 kV 80/100 MVA units. The project is worth over $42 million. The delivery of the 49 power transformers is to be completed within 150 days.

ASTOR is a leading manufacturer of distribution and power transformers in Turkey having around 20000 distribution transformer production capacity per year in its production facilities located in Ankara (80000 sq meter) and Istanbul (26000 sq meter). ASTOR has also engaged with TIEAS in the past because of its capacity to manufacture power transformers till 850 kV, 1000 MVA. Link to the news: