APAC OEMs to develop small electric vans and fuel cell electric trucks

by Jul 29, 2022

Most APAC Manufacturers have continued to not only focus on conventional NEVs such as BEVs and PHEVs in order to drive the electrification of the region’s commercial vehicle stock, but have also extensively began entering into the fuel cell electric vehicle market. Since proclamations from countries such as Japan and South Korea, that have outlined Hydrogen Power Strategies in order to accelerate the transition of vehicles towards carbon neutrality, many manufacturers have branched out their focus into FCEV and BEV technologies.

Toyota Motor Corp. has also recently announced the beginning of operations aimed at developing electric commercial vans as well as light duty fuel cell electric trucks in the spirit of amalgamating both technologies. Toyota, alongside manufacturers Isuzu, and Hino, have stated that models will be developed in order to promote the widespread use of electrified vehicles and eventually for the mass-market. The project, due to begin from January 2023, will see the vehicles being used to transport goods between Tokyo and Fukushima prefecture, aiming to begin production next year.

Minivehicles, which in gasoline versions have an engine displacement of up to 600cc, are a segment largely specific to Japan. Mini-commercial vehicles account for about 60% of the country’s entire commercial fleet and cover many areas only accessible to them because of their small size. The project is scheduled to run until March 2030 and is being organized by a Toyota-led commercial electric vehicle coalition, with participation from local governments, logistics and energy companies. Around 580 vehicles will be built for use in the project.

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