Distribution Transformers market is highly competitive with local players within countries winning a majority of the business, especially with the utilities and industry. Yet, due to their global presence, manufacturers like ABB, Schneider Electric and Siemens etc. are able to be the top players on the regional and global levels.

APAC Distribution Transformers Market

Key Figures 2019

Distribution transformers market in the APAC region is anticipated to grow at CAGR of 0.84% during 2020-2024 forecast period. This growth is mainly attributed to capacity addition in power infrastrucure and rural electrification projects undertaken by the governments in many APAC countries.
Oil type distribution transformers dominate the distribution transformers market.

Total: 3533 $Million USD

Oil: 82%

Dry: 18%

APAC Application Segmentation

Utility distribution: 72%

Industry: 21%

Generation: 7%

India usage

“India has the second largest installed base of transformers in the region”

Utility distribution: 82%

Industry: 12%

Generation: 6%

China usage

“China has the largest installed base of distribution transformers in the region”

Utility distribution: 64%

Industry: 28%

Generation: 8%

Rest of APAC usage

“Distribution utility sector has the largest installed base of transformers among the three vertices under consideration.
Large number of industries connected to the grid at MV distribution level make industry the second largest sector of distribution transformers.”

Utility distribution: 74%

Industry: 21%

Generation: 5%


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