AMSC acquires Northeast Power Systems, Inc. (NEPSI) to expand their product offerings in industrial and grid market segment

by Oct 5, 2020

NEPSI, a US based company, was established in 1995 and earned their market share from metal enclosed equipment replacing conventional technology (elevated stack-rack equipment). NEPSI offers a system actiVAR which is used in industry to deal with flickers, voltage sags and inrush currents issues. NEPSI also offers hybrid solutions containing mechanically switched capacitor banks. This product line is of prime interest for AMSC as this would enable AMSC to not only to expand their product portfolio but capture a larger market share with new and existing clients. So far, AMSC has been offering two types of dynamic reactive power support equipment with major focus in wind sector and acquisition of NEPSI has increased their offering for industrial applications. Link to the news: