Aldi Süd is installing 1500 DC charging stations in Germany in the next five years

by Sep 10, 2020

Aldi Süd a supermarket chain has announced to install DC chargers of up to 150 kW, previously they either had DC chargers ranging up to 50 kW or AC Chargers installed at the supermarkets. This will prove to very encouraging for the EV owners as they can charge their cars in lesser than 30 mins. It is an interesting business strategy to attract customers by using EV charging infrastructure, it is expected that other supermarket chains will also follow Aldi Süd. Moreover, the connector type used for these chargers will be only CCS. Hence, the effect of Nissan’s adoption of CCS is now visible in the charging infrastructure additions in Europe with fewer CHAdeMO installations than before. Germany has around 3,500 and 1,600 chargers with charging capacity from 22kW -60kW and 61kW-150kW respectively, with more new installations of higher capacity chargers the difference between the two capacity ranges will decrease. Link to the news: