After its Parent Company, TRATON, Scania has Revealed Target for Electric Vehicles

by Sep 29, 2022

Scania Group intents to phase out the combustion engine vehicle sales by 2040 and only launch battery-electric vehicles. With this announcement, Scania is venturing ahead of its competitors in the truck industry. However, speaking to, Christian Levin, President and CEO of Scania and CEO of Volkswagen’s TRATON agreed that the decision will be dependent on general conditions such as green electricity, kilowatt hour price and the charging infrastructure.

Nevertheless, Scania is the only manufacturer to pass such a statement and early plan (2040) including the truck segment that currently has negligible electrification. Meanwhile, TRATON group, the parent company of Scania has targeted to electrify about half of the commercial vehicle sales by 2030.

The target is impacted by the intention of TRATON to develop a high-performance charging network for heavy trucks and coaches in Europe with an initial 1,700 charging points. Considering this, the trio established its previously announced joint venture called Commercial Vehicle Charging Europe. As per the joint venture, within the span of five years the high-power charging points will be installed and operated at and near highways and logistics hubs in Europe. The joint venture intends to set up and operate the 1,700 stations as a Charge Point Operator (CPO) thus charge stations will be installed and maintained so drivers can charge their electric vehicles. This role model is emulated from the EV car world for setting up and expanding the charging network.

Furthermore, the TRATON Group has announced that it would be increasing its investments in research and development for electrical vehicles. TRATON is now raising 2.6 billion euros by 2026 for this purpose of which 1.6 billion euros are planned to be collected by 2025. At the same time, the investments that were decided for combustion engines in TRATON vehicles are now going to electric vehicles to support sustainable transport.

Together with its brands, the TRATON Group is targeting to play a leading role in sustainable transportation due to which it is consistently introducing battery electric vehicles mainly buses in the market, but TRATON does not completely rule out hydrogen as another alternative specifically for long distances.

Within TRATON Scania has huge sales in the truck market mainly in Europe and South America. For the year 2021 Scania sold 85,930 trucks globally of which 49% and 25% were sold in Europe and America (mainly South America) whereas TRATON Group on whole sold 230,549 trucks globally with most sales in Europe (55%) followed by South America (28.7%) and North America (11.8%). Thus, if these targets are met a significant number of electric vehicles specifically trucks are expected to come into market with priority to the regions with suitable charging infrastructure.

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