About Power Technology Research

Our goal is to bring back pro-active decision making within the global Power and Industrial sectors through empowered analysts providing transparent and flexible methodology. With a differentiated approach to market research, Power Technology Research will assist you in identifying, valuing, and benchmarking opportunities in a multitude of topics centered around power technology.


Who Are We

PTR is a specialized market research consultancy focusing on areas within Power Technology and Industrial Automation.

Our team has 25 years of combined experience working on Generation, T&D, and Industrial Automation topics.

Our target customers largely consist of T&D equipment manufacturers, industrial automation suppliers, and energy focused EPCs.

Focus of work is on both syndicated and custom research; as a smaller firm we have flexibility in our offering.

Our Approach


Business Concept
In most industries, especially in areas such as consumer electronics, adoption of technology is not a choice but a requirement to not be relegated to tomorrow’s private equity value acquisition. Such a constant rate of technology adoption; however, cannot be said within the area of Energy, specifically the area of electricity transmission and distribution. Historically this was a non-issue as the inherent way we generate (supply) and consume (demand) electricity has not fundamentally changes since inception. Over the past 10 years; however, the paradigm has shifted and diverged into a multitude of new consumer behaviors and resulting business models. It is in this new landscape, Power Technology Research exists for the purpose of identifying, valuing, and bench-marking success to our customers.

Why you should choose Power Technology Research?
Power Technology Research is a boutique market intelligence company solely focuses on the area which our name implies. With this focus and dedication to build lasting relationships with our customers, your expectation is our top pursuit. Our unique and comprehensive methodologies allow for transparency where you will never question where a number comes from and be assured that in every service purchased from PTR, time spent to answer relevant inquiries and make unique adjustments to fit your requirements is accounted for.

Why you should not choose another research company?
Within the area of power technology, there are typically two choices for third party research. One on hand, you will find the dime-a-dozen type of research shops which outsource their expertise to consultants who write these one-time reports with little to no insight into the market itself. With this type of analysis expect to generate many questions on what the methodology was and where actual information differs from pure theory. This information will also not lead directly to the important business decisions which need to be made. On the other hand, you will find very expensive consulting companies who will give you a top-down assessment of a market 2-3 levels higher than you asked. The resulting recommendation tends to be too abstract for a company to even believe let alone align to. None of these faults will you find with Power Technology Research which is why we should be your next market research partner!

Our Customers

Meet the Team

Mike Sheppard

 Managing Consultant

Hassan Zaheer

Principal Consultant

Jared Kearby

Director – Industrial

Saqib Saeed

Principal Analyst – T&D

Mark Brown

Sr. Manager Business Development

Jungmin Yi

General Manager – Korea

Shirin Sheppard

Analyst – Consulting