ABB to support power grid infrastructure for the tallest building in Indonesia

by Dec 15, 2020

Indonesia has been experiencing fast paced urbanization in the last few years and as part of this major change PGW , Indonesian property development and management company, is working on its biggest project to date to construct a large -scale mixed use development complex called the Thamrine Nine. Located in the heart of the capital city, Jakarta, Thamrine Nine expands over 570,000 sq.m and will comprise of 3 high rise towers and other commercial buildings. The first tower, Tower I , carrying 72 floors is set to bee complete by the end of 2021 and will be the tallest building in Indonesia.
With tall buildings construction on the rise comes the need for robust, reliable and flexible power grid infrastructure. Hence, PGW has contracted ABB to supply 44 panels of UniGear ZS1 Medium Voltage switchgear to ensure the reliability of the electricity supply.
Unigear ZS1 is an air insulated MV switchgear mainly used for primary distribution of up to 24 kV and is highly suited to indoor installations because of its compact size Link to the news: