10MW solar project commissioned in Nepal

by Mar 17, 2021

Nepal recently commissioned a 10MW solar plant, country’s largest private solar project, in Dhalkebar region through Kushal projects Nepal Pvt Ltd. The project will feature three central inverters provided by the company FIMER; two 4500kW units and one 1045kW unit. FIMER is a company based in Italy that has acquired the ABB’s solar inverter business in March 2020.

The project, completed in a duration of six months, is spread over 6.3 hectares of land and uses PV mono crystalline modules. ONAN Outdoor Three Phase type transformer of rated capacity 1.5 MVA and 5MVA are also utilized to step up voltage to 33kV. The generated 10 MW is transmitted through 33KV high tension vacuum circuit breaker to grid–station at Dhalkebar, located 1km from the project site.

Nepal is predominantly dependent on hydropower for its electricity generation and aims to achieve 400MW of renewable energy by 2022. However, to cater for the dry seasons where the country’s power generation drops due to fall in water levels, it would need an additional 200MW of energy. Link to the news: https://www.fimer.com/fimer-powers-milestone-10mw-solar-project-nepal