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Download our presentations on Battery Technologies and Charging Infrastructure.

IEEE PES T&D 2018 – Conference Impression

While a fully “smart”, IIoT-driven grid remains the vision, costs are still a prime concern for utilities.

Vying EV charging standards, decisive game or a perpetual draw?

Win, lose or draw: Can standards war hamper EV adoption?

Check out our special report: “EV Impact Analysis”

PTR is leveraging in-depth insights across five key themes affected by EVs, ranging from batteries to industrial manufacturing.

Role of Power Electronics in Grid Modernization

The only option that could be acceptable for all major stakeholders is to go for investment in modernizing the existing grid infrastructure.

We Specialize in Power and Industrial Equipment Market Research

Our goal is to bring back pro-active decision making within the global power and industrial sectors through empowered analysts providing transparent and flexible methodology.

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